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We're looking for two male Motion Capture Performers


  1. Must be able to take stage direction.
  2. Must be physically fit. Position will require running, jumping, falling, rolling, etc.
  3. Gymnastics, martial arts or dance background required.
  4. Should be between 5ft 7in and 6ft.
Employment is expected to go through January 2001. This could be extended as more projects develop. Must be available M-F 9am-6pm. Some nights and weekends may be requires.
Pay starts at $10 per hour.

Contact Dave West
Foundation Imaging
24933 West Avenue Stanford
Valencia, California 91355

Other job openings that occur here are listed below. If hired by Foundation Imaging, you will gain a wide variety of experiences, but initially, we will evaluate your submission to fill one of the following positions:

Lightwave Character Animator
Applicants should have the ability to animate characters with weight, balance, and emotion. Demonstrated ability with facial animation is required.

Lightwave Technical Director
TD's are in charge of taking an animator's work and adding the lights, backgrounds, and effects to complete the shot. This position requires an in depth knowledge of lighting for motion pictures, with the ability to translate that knowledge into the computer. Knowledge of visual effects, Steamer, Hypervoxels, Particle Storm, and a zillion other 3rd party plug-ins is required.

Lightwave Hardware Modeler
Our Hardware Modelers create complex sets, props, vehicles, and anything that doesn't breath. Applicant must be able to create astounding textures as well. Knowledge of expression systems is helpful.

Lightwave Character Modeler
Our character modelers create anything that does breathe, even if it has never existed before. Vast knowledge of anatomy, organic modeling, skeletons, and expression systems is required. Those specializing in head construction must have an unusually deep understanding of facial anatomy and the ability to model phonetic targets.

Motion Capture Specialist
This position requires knowledge of optical and magnetic motion capture systems, and experience capturing and filtering through Filmbox. For the right applicant, we will consider training.

Lightwave Visual Effects Animator/Modeler
Applicant should be able to create photo realistic visual effects shot. If you hear that space ships on a demo reel are a bad idea, it's not true here. This position is for those with a vast knowledge of visual effects and the desire to work on effects projects like Star Trek: Voyager.

Those who can create work that looks like it was done here at Foundation Imaging are the most likely to be hired.
Foundation Imaging does not offer internships or on the job training at this time.

To apply send a demo tape (VHS or SVHS) and resume to:
Foundation Imaging
24933 West Avenue Stanford
Valencia, California 91355

Resumes without demo tapes are a bad idea. We will review printed work and media sent on floppy, zip, jazz, or CD, but given the type of work we do, a demo tape is the best way to go.

All Lightwave reels should be sent to the attention of Emile Smith.
All compositing reels should be sent to the attention of Sherry Hitch.
All those interested in Mocap should send their submission to Dave West.
All those interested in Systems should send their submission to Steve Pugh.
Questions should be addressed to.

All applicants will receive a post card in the mail confirming receipt of yoursubmission. For more of a feel of what we're looking for, have a look at our employment exam.

For those of you we've called for interviews, here's a map and driving directions so you don't get lost.